Biscoff Chocolate Pack



At Lotus Bakeries we pride ourselves on baking the world’s finest Biscoff – the original caramelised biscuit. The Biscoff taste is second to none and since 1932 we been baking biscuits of the highest quality possible. But, even we know that – in certain circumstances – chocolate is called for!

So, recently we decided to add chocolate to our secret Biscoff biscuit recipe. We’ve used only the best real Belgian chocolate & lovingly spread it on our existing Lotus biscuit. And, we think you’ll agree…it’s absolutely delicious!

The Biscoff Chocolate pack is perfect for any occasion when you want to serve your guests a luxury chocolate biscuit that isn’t too filling but offers a little sweet treat. Each triple pack contains 3x 7.3g half covered biscuits.

Biscoff Chocolate 7x3pk: Key Details

• Dairy free and suitable for vegetarians

• Free from artificial colours and flavourings

• Case weight = 1.7kg

• Minimum shelf life on delivery = 16 weeks

• All packs individually flow-wrapped for hygiene & freshness

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