Biscoff Pocket Pack


If your business specialises in providing guest accommodation then it’s highly likely your customers are waking up to a new day in your establishment. Like so many of us, the first thing they’ll do is reach for the kettle to brew that first important cup of the day!pocket pack2pk

Having a delicious, tasty but satisfying biscuit to accompany their drink helps fill the early morning hunger pangs…and Lotus can help!

The Lotus Biscoff Pocket Twin Pack is the ideal format to include on your in room tea tray offering.

Each 15g twin pack provides 2 delicious Biscoff biscuits. Each pack is wrapped guaranteeing freshness and ensuring the biscuits are protected from any accidental kettle spillages. As they don’t contain chocolate it means they won’t melt when stored next to a hot kettle.

Biscoff Pocket Pack: Key Details

• Case size = 200 twin packs. (Contains 10 sleeves, each containing 20 twin packs)

• Case weight = 3.00kg

• Minimum shelf life on delivery = 16 weeks


We have hundreds of customers who use our Pocket Pack daily in their businesses. Click here to hear what they have to say about Biscoff.

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