Biscoff Bite Size


 To guarantee your customers truly enjoy the coffee you serve them, why not add a Biscoff biscuit?

It’s a delicious, bite-size, sweet, saucer-side treat. The individual wrapper guarantees long lasting freshness and protects each biscuit making them easy to serve as well aseliminating wastage.

The original biscuit recipe, created in 1932 was specifically crafted to bake a biscuit that complimented the taste of coffee. But, as all tea lovers know, Biscoff makes a freshly brewed cup of tea taste delicious!

One of Biscoff’s greatest assets – apart from it’s delicious taste! – is its size. The 6gm serving will whet your customers appetites but won’t fill them up. (So, if you’re a coffee shop owner, you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to tempt them with something from your more substantial sweet snacks range).


Biscoff Bite Size Biscuit: Key Details

• Consumer Unit = 6g biscuit.

• Case size = 300 biscuits. (Contains 6 sleeves, each containing 50 biscuits)

• Case weight = 1.87kg

• Minimum shelf life on delivery = 16 weeks


Each day, thousands of our customers serve Biscoff Bite Size BiscuitsClick here to hear what they have to say about Biscoff.

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