Biscoff for Coffee Shops


 To help make your customers’ cup of coffee feel extra special you need our classic 6g Lotus Biscoff. It’s a delicious, bite-size, saucer-side biscuit and the recipe is specifically created to be the perfect accompaniment to coffee. Each Biscoff biscuit is individually wrapped to guarantee a great tasting, fresh biscuit that is easy to serve.

One of it’s greatest assets is that at 6gm, this small bite size biscuit will whet your customers appetites but won’t fill them up. This means they’ll have plenty of room left for something more substantial from your savoury or sweet product range.

Click below on the icons below to find our which Biscoff pack formats would suit your type of coffee shop business. If you’d speak to someone at Lotus, don’t hesitate to call our customer careline on 0800-834-050. It’s open between 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday.