Biscoff for Hairdressing: Hear from Howard Yuill!


Howard Yuill runs Howard Yuill Hairdressing and has been in the business for 28 years. He specialises in providing cutting edge, high quality hair styling. Whilst he prides himself on having built up a highly loyal set of clients he is constantly looking for ways to improve their experience whilst at his salon.

I always strive to give my clients the best possible experience when they visit my salon. Giving them a complimentary Biscoff biscuit with their coffee always brings a smile to their faces. It’s a little surprise they weren’t expecting and they just love the taste. We always make sure they have plenty of the latest magazines to read whilst they sit and drink their coffee. We try to make their entire time with us as relaxing  as possible – we want them to leave feeling really pampered and looking fabulous. In such a competitive business, it’s the small touches that customers really appreciate and keep them coming back.  For me choosing Biscoff is simple – it costs next to nothing and the pleasure it  gives my customers means it pays back every single time it’s served.”


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