Biscoff for In Store Restaurants & Cafes: Hear from Dina Robinson, Catering Manager at Hooper’s


lotus biscuits in department storesIf your business includes an in-store coffee shop as part of a wider retail offering, then we know how important it is for you to make your customers’ coffee experiences stand out from the crowd.

By serving the bite size Biscoff biscuit with your customers’ hot drink orders, you can show them just how much you appreciate them & their business.

The Biscoff bite size biscuit is the ideal coffee biscuit. It’s 6gm & comes individually wrapped. This not only guarantees freshness but means it can be stored next to a hot coffee machine without any danger of melting or getting water or steam damage. So, it’s not only delicious but practical too!

But, don’t take our word for it! Read what Dina Robinson, Catering Manager for Hooper’s Wilmslow has to say about Lotus…

Dina Robinson is the Catering Manager at the Wilmslow branch of the Hooper’s department store group. Hooper’s aim to provide a varied assortment for the discerning customer, with individual customer service that exceeds expectations and offers a real difference between themselves and their competitors. They have been serving Biscoff in their restaurant for a number of years.

Our restaurant and coffee shop is a key destination for many of our shoppers. Being able to offer them a stylish but comfortable place to sit down and recharge their batteries is the quintessential part of the Hoopers experience so we pick our food and beverage partners very carefully. The Lotus Biscoff  coffee biscuit allows us to make everyone’s experience of Hoopers restaurant a little bit more special no matter if they are coming in just for a coffee or a more substantial meal. They all really enjoy the biscuits and we feel it’s the perfect compliment to our coffee – but having said that our tea drinkers really enjoy them too! The simple act of giving everyone a complimentary biscuit is one of the many small but significant things we do to deliver a superior shopping experience.
Dina Robinson, Catering Manager, Hooper’s Wilmslow

To find out more about the Lotus Biscoff individually wrapped biscuit please click here.

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