Biscoff for Pubs and Restaurants: Hear from Max Kalton!



Max Kalton owns the The New Victorian Inn in Bramhall. It’s a stylish & sophisticated pub nestling in a delightful Cheshire village offering delicious, home cooked food as well as a fantastic range of beers, wines and spirits. The pub has a really welcoming atmosphere and the vibe is relaxed, modern and stylish.

The majority of the coffees we serve are to customers rounding off a meal. They don’t expect to be given a complimentary biscuit and are really delighted when they see it on the saucer – it’s a little treat they always comment on. I’m convinced it also helps when they’re paying the bill as their last impression of us is a genuine gesture of good will. When we have families eating with us parents regularly ask for extra Lotus Biscoff for their kids as they love them too.”


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